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Treasurer / Income Tax

Message from Treasurer Colleen M. Oess

Thank you for visiting our Web site. I hope your visit is pleasurable and informative. Please use the links at right or under Departments > Treasurer in the main site navigation to view FAQs, tax information and tax forms.

City of Cambridge Income Tax Office Goes Green

To save tax dollars, resident's and businesses using their accountant's income tax forms will no longer receive an income tax form in the mail. If you received an income tax postcard, it should be taken to your accountant at the time you supply your documentation.

As treasurer since 1990, many changes have been implemented to create fairness and uniformity to all citizens. The greatest commitment is to ensure that we account for every tax dollar. For your convenience, all tax forms are available to download and print here.

We hope you find all information necessary to enhance your quality of life and business needs in Cambridge.

Best regards,
Colleen M. Oess
Treasurer, City of Cambridge

Mission Statement

As employees of the City of Cambridge Treasurer's Office and Income Tax Department, our purpose is to provide a service to the citizens of Cambridge by:

Training taxpayers in the preparation of tax related documents
Collecting tax payments
Educating the public and answering questions in areas regarding tax law compliance
Assisting taxpayers in complying with the Income Tax Ordinance
Enforcing the Income Tax Ordinance in a fair and equitable manner
It is our responsibility to provide this service in a professional and courteous manner.

Tax Notice

* The City of Cambridge has a mandatory tax-filing requirement for all residents of the City with any tax liability, and/or residents over 18 years old who may not have taxes due. The tax rate is 2% effective January 1, 2010, which means all withholding subject to Cambridge tax has increased to 2% beginning Jan. 1, 2010. Net profit and individual tax returns filed in 2010 for tax year 2009 and all prior years are taxed at 1.5%. Declaration of estimated taxes for tax year 2010 will be taxed at 2%. Net profit and individual tax returns filed for all years after 2009 will be then be taxed at 2%.

** All tax forms are available on this Web site. Use the navigation on the top left of your screen for more tax-related information or for further assistance, use the contact information provided above.