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Safety & Service

The primary goal of this office is to serve the public interest and the residents of the City of Cambridge to the best of its ability. The office operates under the authority granted it by the Office of the Mayor and the Cambridge City Council, and is governed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the City of Cambridge. The office strives to utilize all City resources in an efficient and prudent manner to obtain those objectives for the public good.


This office is responsible for the administration and management of the following city departments and operations:

Public Safety Administration
Police Department
Fire Department
Code Enforcement Office

Public Service Administration
Utilities Department
Street Department
Cemetery Department
Parks Department (Park Board Liaison)

City Administration
Personnel Director
City Liability Insurance Processing
Purchasing and Contractual Authority
Public Information
City Emergency Management
City Projects and Planning
Public Lands and Buildings Management
Policy Making
Appointing Authority
Union Contracts and Negotiations
Grants Administration
Implement Mayoral Directives
Implement Applicable Council Ordinances

Code Enforcement Officer

Office is responsible for enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code relating to Housing and Property standards within the City.

Also, enforcement of the City ordinances relating to the Downtown Historical District.


In order to provide the best possible services to the public, this office is committed to upgrading and maintaining its knowledge of new information and developing trends and regulations by affiliation and networking with local and state agencies, boards, and commissions. Therefore, this office holds professional memberships with a variety of agencies.

Professional Memberships
Cambridge Zoning and Planning Commission
Cambridge Board of Control
City Insurance Board
Inter-Governmental Utilities Review and Planning Task Force
Local Emergency Management Agency (Operations Center Member)
Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors
Area Labor Management Cooperative Council
Southeastern Ohio Narcotics Task Force
The Daily Jeffersonian Editorial Board of Contributors
Guernsey County Community Corrections Board