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Fire Department

The Cambridge Fire Department was organized in 1873 as a volunteer department. In 1947, the CFD became a full time fire department. At the present time the CFD consists of 20 full time personnel operating from one central station. The Cambridge Fire Department protects the citizens and property of the City of Cambridge and Cambridge Township.

Mission Statement

The mission of every member of this agency is to consistently seek to find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety, and quality of service to members of our community through fire prevention, suppression, containment, and other emergency response and life saving efforts.

To carry out this mission we adopt the following tenants:

Educate to prevent harm

Education and prevention are the focal points of the Cambridge Fire Department.

We develop and provide programs and services that promote safety.

We actively educate the public.


We strive to have a safe environment for our personnel, and the people within our community.

Deliver emergency services to those in need.

Be kind and helpful

Showing that we care about our lives and the lives of others, by conducting ourselves in a courteous and professional manner.